I took a coffee break.

I was taking a break.  About a week after my last blog post, I finished my master’s degree.  About a week after that, Jay and I found out there was a Baby W. on the way.  I’ve lost track of a lot of what has happened since then.  I ran a 5K in February in Austin (baby’s first race) and placed 2nd I think….ran a 3.3 miler in May and definitely did not come in 2nd, but I did pretty well considering I was about 6 1/2 months pregnant at that point.  Jay and I traveled some more – we went to a few countries in Europe.  Came home from Europe and on the way back from  the airport drove 3 hours out of the way to pick up a new puppy.  Six days after that we moved out of our house and into a new one.  We also had a huge trip booked for June that we had to cancel due to my doctors scaring me into thinking Baby W. was going to arrive early to mid July, not late August (around the 23rd); they told me I shouldn’t be leaving the country at all beginning in June.   Baby W., later named Brynn when she was finally born, arrived 2 weeks late….she owes us a trip to Thailand and China 🙂  Worst part of that whole pregnancy process:  being pregnant.  Best part of that whole pregnancy process:  I’ll get back to you when I think of one….

So from my last post to now, there has been a move to a new town, a new puppy addition, a baby addition, a return from maternity leave to a brand new job, and a return to running and biking (I haven’t done any swimming yet).  So many people tried to scare me into thinking all (or any) of these things were going to be stressful, sleep depriving, chaotic, and too much to handle.  I’ve got to say, maybe I just got lucky, or maybe I’m just really good at handling my stuff, but the past year has been pretty easy and fun.  Or maybe it’s just the person I picked to do all of these things with – Jay is the calm to my storm, haha.  Brynn has also been 100% the easiest baby I have ever dealt with.  She’s on board to go anywhere, wear anything, eat anything, and loves her uninterrupted sleep as much as I do.  She’s been on a plane a few times and traveled to another country before 5 months old.

In terms of post-partum workouts, I attempted a mile or two at 3 1/2 weeks post-partum.  I know, super early and against doctors orders, but I went with how my body felt and wanted to test things out.  It was incredibly liberating to be able to run (non-pregnant) again, but it also felt stranger than any run I’ve ever done.  I felt off balance and wobbly.  I gave it a couple more days and eased into running by only adding a half mile on every couple days.  By 5 weeks I felt okay enough to run whatever I felt like but every new distance left me pretty sore, especially down my spine where I had the epidural.  With the warmer weather, I am looking forward to taking Brynn on some longer stroller runs and doing some last minute races.  Bike rides will require some more planning.

That’s the abridged version of a year and half of my life.  The past year hasn’t included a whole lot of triathlon related training and racing so there wasn’t much blog updating to do, but  I will try to remember to update my internet space on here more often.


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